Industrial designer, taobao hunter, Californian, mother. Residing in China.

The flag we found stuffed in our air conditioner where the cables come out. (Compliments of toddler ). I can only
Hope that he wasn’t expressing his sentiments of his parents home country….

Good morning! Grade school exercises every morning with music and counting.

Gathering flowers for a friend whose father passed. Chrysanthemums (菊花
júhuā ) in white, and some orange flowers and greenery. I was told if you give money to give in odd numbers and not use a red envelope, and also never gift anyone a clock (it means to wish death). We baked pumpkin bread and packaged it with ribbons and a card and had my toddler deliver it.

We pray for peace, comfort and love for their family.

City sparkles

View from the 17th floor, shanghai


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Game changer. Could they use this for helping displaced people from disasters?

Together restaurant, 100 xiangyang bei Lu, shanghai. A little bit of mystery, sneaky surprises, and a new experience in flavorville. We’re talking salmon and grapefruit sphaghetti, mango crostini, fresh squeezed blueberry juice, and rainbow grain salad with couscous, beets and Brie. Delicious! This meal was sponsored, but opinions expressed are my own!

Sometimes I wonder how people took the bus without google maps. And then I remember, the signs and local maps are handy, except I can’t read the native language. Ugh. I need to remember more characters!!

Thank you Pinterest hack! A whole bunch of American goodness! Slice the frozen ice cream I’m the can, them stack ‘me up! No leftovers. That can of Ben and Jerry’s runs about $12 usd over here (china). We have some pretty awesome friends.

Evening walks through back alleyways. I was forced to stop using my iPhone since my eyes couldn’t readjust in the dark and couldn’t discern what I was stepping on (in!). A quiet stroll turned off the digital stimuli and let me inhale the city I temporarily call home. Cats prowl, and lights flicker. The occasional motorbike flies past me; cutting through the calm of the night. It’s a different kind of night life.

Logo twins. Who had it first? Baby Leggings or Blue Lounge?

A visit to jiu xing southern shanghai, industrial market. Raw goods, finished goods. Everything from toilet parts to hotel dishware, recycling bins. Huge place you need to hire an electronic trike to get around. 30rmb/ hr.