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Bad weather won’t stop me! Battling day 3 of the rainy weather. Dry sandals for the office, and swapped one sopping bag for a waterproof leather option that is tied to my roller. (Due to my back injury)

It gives you the intimate ability to turn and say, ‘Holy shit. Please tell me you saw that, too.’

Rabbit: A Free Video Chat That Makes It Easy To Watch Netflix With Friends

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So families can watch tv together even from across the ocean. When I was in high school, I remember doing French homework over the phone while watching the Olympics with my friend.

How much of relationships is shared experiences

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Randomly generated piece.

Cool computer art, way cooler than all my error screen in illustrator. Tona of threads, perfectly straight and highly saturated. The bot seems to favor brights and neons.

It gives you the intimate ability to turn and say, ‘Holy shit. Please tell me you saw that, too.’

Rabbit: A Free Video Chat That Makes It Easy To Watch Netflix With Friends

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How much of relationships is built on shared experience? Doing life together ?

I remember doing French homework over the phone with my friend while watching the Olympics. It was nice to exchange small commentary with someone.

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Brilliant City swimming pool, address: 100 Zhongtan Lu, near Yichang Lu 中潭路100号, 近宜昌路, take note that the address is for a rather large complex with 2 pools(one private) so can to zhongtan metro station, it’s within 1 block! We got dropped on the opposite end and ended up walking for 45 minutes in confusion. Bring your mozzy repellent and snacks!

Ever had a small problem that you united until it became a big problem? That is how my back pain began. Sore, hardly annoying, and then it escalated to agony whenever I tried to stand up I feared becoming my fate as Quasimodo, so I decided to seek help.

On the walk to my office I oft passed a small hole in the wall with a sign in English that read, “Traditional Chinese medicinal massage”. They had charts and lists of different common issues in English, so I thought I’d give it a try. Massages are nice!

The small room fits just the one massage bed, a few stools and a smaller tv. There’s anatomical posters in the wall, and the man is older, with glasses and dresses much like father: casual golfwear that had been in the sun too long. After explaining my ailment he stretched and poked my muscles asking, “pain? Sore?” He pinpointed my issues rapidly and began painfully putting my muscles into place. With my face staring down at the floor, I could only see Mosquitos buZzing, and his white sneakers. I blew at the flies to keep them from biting my face.

Much to my surprise the room began to fill with people. A fellow sat at the head of the table, his leather sandals appearing in front of my eyes, then another fellow kept yelling on the phone, “Wuding Lu!!!” And then the wall on my right opened and a middle aged women in red foam slippers and an apron came to chit chat. She left yucky cuz they didn’t want to let so many bugs in, then another female came in talking about her husband having lots of pain for a few months now and there was lots of plastic crinkling. And the one man was still yelling in the phone.

The masseuse pauses to heat up his rice cooker, and i managed to steal a glance- the woman was very stylish with high chunky heels and another man sat on a stool outside the door also giving his feedback to the others- 4 in the closet of a room. The crinkling came from a collection of x-rays of someone’s spine. They were all examining and passing them around. The stylish lady was concerned, while her husband waited outside. While my masseuse said nothing. It was chaotic, everyone was talking at once. I was beginning to think this was a community center. Everytime I’ve stopped by here, there’s several people just hanging out. Gossiping. Smoking. Shooting the breeze.

And in a city as big as this one- I appreciate this open community fabric.

Masseuse: hey, can you talk to this girl? She can’t speak chinese.
Me: I understand what you are saying.
Random lady: (in English) can you speak mandarin?
Me: yes. It’s just really painful to talk now
Masseuse: can you ask her if she feels ok!
Me: I feel ok! Thanks
Lady: he says you need to rest
Me: I know
Masseuse: you need to rest. Don’t lift your baby.
Lady: he says-
Me: I understand thanks!

So it went on like that both of them asking questions in chinese and English and me answering in Chinglish. I made friends with the lady and we plan to get coffee sometime. I’m starting to feel part of the town now.

Studying mandarin is easy with funny icons and games. How did they know it only takes 6 days for my man to grow out his beard? (And that he is currently on a biz trip for about as long!?)

Another day at the photo studio. Wearing the hat of creative director and stylist, I took to propping and being OCD about angles, reflections and small pieces of lint. It looks cool, but surprised I can still see after 8+ hrs of camera flashes! Mad props to photographers. Seriously amazing!

Foodie Friday! Chocolate cupcakes with 7 minute frosting. I used the epicurious app with its ingenious voice control function for the first time! It was superb and oh so helpful. I was yelling, “Directions. Down. Ingredients!” With so much gusto my hubs was wondering what was the matter.

Wonderful dense, moist, with creamy glossy marshmallowy goodness on top, for my friend Jess’ 30th birthday.

Unintentional air garden! Growing in midair off a telephone wire is a towel gourd (丝瓜). Nearly 12 inches long, it dangles in the wind. Nature making its presence known in the city.

This is where I work. With my head in the clouds! Kidding- my office is on the 10th floor, and it’s window washing week. Their ropes come dangling and the side walk is roped off forcing me to turn my gaze upward, only to be met with the gift of a bright blue sky and cotton candy fluffy clouds! In a city of cement, sometimes I forget to look up. So refreshing!

17th floor, someone was stomping on the windows. I turn and I see….

the window washers! Large suction cups squeaky and sloshing of water.