Taobao hunter, Industrial designer, Californian, mother. Residing in China for several years, I learned the hard way. Hoping to highlight some of China's cool.

Custom candy! for weddings, birthdays, or other occasions.

you’ll never ask where the TV remote is again! Hello kitty remote holder beautifies and keeps it clean from cheeto hands. Just want I wanted… YOu can find anything on Taobao!

I LOVE this pouch by MRKT (mad rabbit kicking tiger) laser cut felt, frost TPU, finished with a leather wrapping tie!

wool felt bud vase. simple- form one strip of material and plastic grommets.

Bamboo tea cup! Natural, carved.

That cool tea stirrer in the commercials outside elevators. 4 rmb

bamboo notebook 25 rmb

Get your wings with Flight theme party- captains, flight attendants, life vests, and these handy tags for labelling wine glasses. (or mini bottles of wine? This Taobao shop also carries posters of the cockpit (for photo booth) captain hats, and other air-phanelia.


25 yuan ($4.12 USD)

Cute, little weird, and funny.

(via taobao-finds)

Woodn’t you love a lamp like this? Nautral, warm ambiance. Ready to take a nap… 198 rmb

Space baby. Too bad we missed this one for halloween. 55rmb

ee- hee hee. Who resist just a cute angry bird? A change from the usual baby shower gift! 79 rmb