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A back room in the Royal Danish Library #libraries



A back room in the Royal Danish Library #libraries


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A visiting mum-to-be asked me, “Why do I need a baby carrier, if I get a stroller?”

Because while strollers are awesome back saving inventions, in the first year they can sometimes be more troublesome!

10 stroller cons:
-the challenge of getting into a car, the bigger the tougher
-stairs become #1 enemy. That cute boutique’s 5 steps become daunting, and other places are just plain impossible!
-elevators, where are they? Usually some back corner, if indeed they are on use and exist. Our local metro system, you must call an attendant to unlock the elevator for you.
-it’s slow going in highly congested areas- super market, metro, the bus
-nature. Unless it’s a heavy duty one it won’t handle the dirt, rocks and earth too well.
-your hands are occupied, a bit of juggling to hold that coffee cup or donut. Heaven forbid you need both….

Ok, enough with the complaining already! I’ll admit to be pro-baby wearing! I wore my baby as much as my body allowed me too. I nursed in our Becco, and we took him everywhere in the Becco. I remember seeing an older lady hauling her grandson down the steps at an amusement park. 4 flights of stairs. We were not jealous. But later that day it got hot and baby A wanted to nap, we had nowhere to lie him down. So we were wishing for a stroller
About then.

So at 7-8 months when we finally started stroller Shopping, we bought a lightweight umbrella stroller and never looked back. It was perfect!

How kuai di guys ride these scooters is beyond me!



Everyday objects in art. 


Well these are cool

Fun creative exercise


Featured Student Project created by Aaron Kara: Stay curious.



Mother Turns Fallen Soldiers’ Uniforms Into Teddy Bears For The Families They Left Behind

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So thoughtful!


A Table For Two That Forces You To Ignore Your Phone And Be Mindful

If you have trouble resisting the impulse to check your smartphone while you’re out with friends or having dinner on a date, this table might help: By literally strapping two people together for the duration of the meal, it forces them to pay attention to each other.

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Would love to see his used more picnics around the world

Nothing is impossible. Some things just take more time.
Said a mentor of mine.


Cardboard Plotter

Handmade manual drawing machine by Niklas Roy made with simple materials - video embedded below:

This plotter is made entirely out of cardboard, welding rod, rubber bands, adhesive tape and super glue. The digital memory is a little book with plenty of different drawing codes, which are written down as coordinates. In this video I’m entering the first code, which makes the plotter draw “hello world”.

You can find out more about the project at Niklas’ blog here

SO cool!

Board game organization! A multi pocket mesh tote holds card games and smaller sets, speed scrabble set I made of bamboo, and pictionary- in the drawstring bag since the box got wet and fell apart. We lent our monopoly set out to a youth group, and a lot of the rubber bands dried out and broke. So I made bands out of nylon elastic- similar to emi-jay’s hair ties but way cheaper if you buy by the meter! An old drawstring bag from a jewelry gift holds all the dice and game pieces too. Have extra badge holders lying around from conferences? Up cycle them to label stuff!

Instant cozy decor from my pocket. This simple clothesline style makes the loneliest apt warm and spirit lifting. Whether moving to shanghai or Shenzhen for a few months stint- this is handy for making any temporary space feel like home. I can pin on photos, cards, a calender and latest to-do list or inspiration.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hello! I don't know if you're the right person to ask, but I'm going to China for a week and wanted to buy from taobao while I'm there to save on international shipping costs however, I don't have a Chinese bank account. Would it be possible to use an agent and tell them to ship domestically? If not, what do you think would be the best way to do this (If it's possible or worth it at all) Thank you!
hugsnkris hugsnkris Said:


I’m not an expert about this so just use this sort of as a pointing in the right direction sort of thing but I know some shopping services might be able to help you. However, you’d probably want to order whatever you want before you go because anyone will tell you that a week is pretty much the least amount of time it takes for items to be sent to your shopping service so if you order while you’re there or the day before you leave for China, it probably won’t be ready before you leave the country to go home. 

But you have options!

You can go on your preferred shopping service’s website and check out their shipping info and see if they have a warehouse to store orders or they offer some kind of domestic shipping service. If they have a warehouse, then they’d probably be glad to store your order for you and then bill you to have your order shipped to your location when you’re in China (I think hotels accept packages? Check with your hotel if you’re staying in one.). When in doubt, basically just ask them and they’d probably negotiate something with you.


You can bypass Taobao and buy your goods from the shops/malls. I believe they cost a bit more but you get the added bonus of seeing the quality of what you’re buying and you can walk out with it right then and there. 

Extra: here's a submission we got a while back from someone who went to Hong Kong and found a bunch of cute stuff in shops and malls. 

Hi there-

You don’t need a Chinese bank acct. You can buy a zhifu bao from any post office in China, then add it to your Alipay acct. if you don’t time to hassle with it, then go thru an agent- and ship ahead to your hotel. Most legit hotels are used guests sending packages ahead of time- I do it for business trips all the time.

From my living experience in China- yes you can find a lot of items at malls- if you know where to go…. and prices will be often twice the price or more (for small trinkets- it depends). One in the hand is worth two in the brush.