Industrial designer, taobao hunter, Californian, mother. Residing in China.

Something amazing where I thought it was an impossibility. Awe inspiring, I feel refreshed!

Multi colored candle flames!!! So cool!y German friend brought them along with an amazing almond Swedish something cake. Nom nom!

The sponge gourds are taking over! I earlier posted about the one, which got big and was harvested this week. Now the vine has reached to the pole and past it in two directions, with additional 4 gourds dangling in the wind. They grow so fast!! The leaves are getting huge also.

Xinjiang food at Xibo restaurant. 大盘鸡
dàpánjī They have an awesome collection of vintage xinjiang hats. Beautifully detailed and showing wear and tear and I wish I could hear their stories.

Along the Suzhou creek. This was not my idea of Shangahi, and yet now proven wrong! Beautiful glassy water, open blue skies, lush greenery and towering buildings existing in harmony. Take metro line 4 to zhongtan Lu stop by brilliant city complex. The weeping willows and reflective water transported me to a shanghai I had only dreamed of… In Hong Kong. A perfect stroll. Wide tiled walkways are stroller friendly and toddler friendly.

The flag we found stuffed in our air conditioner where the cables come out. (Compliments of toddler ). I can only
Hope that he wasn’t expressing his sentiments of his parents home country….

Good morning! Grade school exercises every morning with music and counting.

Gathering flowers for a friend whose father passed. Chrysanthemums (菊花
júhuā ) in white, and some orange flowers and greenery. I was told if you give money to give in odd numbers and not use a red envelope, and also never gift anyone a clock (it means to wish death). We baked pumpkin bread and packaged it with ribbons and a card and had my toddler deliver it.

We pray for peace, comfort and love for their family.

City sparkles

when I look out the window and see the glowing lights of hundreds of buildings, I suddenly am overwhelmed by the thought that anything is possible.

View from the 17th floor, shanghai


Source for more facts follow NowYouKno

Game changer. Could they use this for helping displaced people from disasters?

Together restaurant, 100 xiangyang bei Lu, shanghai. A little bit of mystery, sneaky surprises, and a new experience in flavorville. We’re talking salmon and grapefruit sphaghetti, mango crostini, fresh squeezed blueberry juice, and rainbow grain salad with couscous, beets and Brie. Delicious! This meal was sponsored, but opinions expressed are my own!